Sep 13, 2021 • 5M

Forget the 940

Today, we're freeing ourselves from someone else's standards

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Alleviate, Honor, Drives, and Uprightness — written in orange paint

You know about the whole 940 Saturdays thing?

So this is that kinda well-known idea that there are only 940 Saturdays, before a baby turns 18.

And so parents who run into this figure are like, dang that’s it for real?

‘don’t even have a thousand weekends before this baby moves out?

(That was my first reaction, at least.)

But, today, as a father, I’ve decided something…

I’ve made the decision that, we’re going to alleviate our family from the pressure of that number, 940, and its context / how it’s used.

We want the Wolves to not base life decisions, such as moving out, according to someone else’s numbers and figures.

As they grow, I want them to understand they have the option to move smart, to be calculated, and to take opportunities that offer balance of challenge and growth.

Being a father means it’s my honor, AND responsibility to teach them to listen for their own callings.

And they’ll be raised, knowing that those 940 Saturdays are their own, God’s, and no one else’s.

Saturday errands

I love Saturday morning errands.

The earlier the better.

And one of my favorite parts of running errands is the drive.

Overall, I have to say this: driving around with our boys is super fun, mostly because we get to bond over music.

Actually, a very normal part of our family drives involves either me or Khris handing over our phone to the boys so they choose music to stream over the bluetooth system in the car.

As parents, we’re all for it.

I remember earlier in their music production exploration days, (basically, back when they first started getting into making beats), I’d use these drives as educational opportunities.

There’s no better time to teach your kids something; they’re buckled in, they have to listen, they’re not going anywhere.

Anyways, I’d try to teach about patterns that are common in music genres like EDM, dubstep, or even hip hop — these are the genres they seemed to care about mostly when it came to production.

I would try to point little things for them to notice, like what 8-counts were, and how listeners expected ‘variation’ in music.

We’d show them how artists use builds-ups to create anticipation… drops, varying dynamics, textures, etc…

Because music is a huge part of their passions, they love going on these drives and sharing these conversations.

And because of this specific activity, I believe that a lot of times when I head out to run errands, this is what makes them want to tag along.

New conversations

I can’t lie, I love their company alone.

I’m thankful to God that my wife and I have strong foundations with these boys, and I pray to never take it for granted.

Lately, I’m also seeing how these Saturday drives to run errands present new opportunity as a parent.

In addition to music, I’m acknowledging that I need to start having new conversations with the Wolves — not that the 940 matters, cause I don’t count.

Remember, that’s not our timeline.

But it’s more based on the fact that these boys enter our lives for a reason.

See, I’m a strong believer that everyone comes into your life for a purpose, and they exit once that purpose is done or gone.

In yesterday’s story, you hear me talk about trying to see what lessons I needed to pick up from my former manager… same thing here.

Giving guidance

There’s a beautiful verse in Proverbs that hits home as a parent. It says:

I have taught you the way of wisdom;
I have led you in the paths of uprightness.

(that’s 4:11)

When I read that, I see job requirements, as a dad.

I read that and I can envision who they’re supposed to become; and at the same time, who I should become as well.

There’s a beautiful and complex mission in this short passage…

And I can only hope.

I can only hope that I’m that one, who might have a positive impact or some sort of spiritual influence on their own experience here in life…

And that these Saturdays serve a greater purpose in whatever context God needs from us.

Which is why, I can comfortably say: forget the 940.

For the Wolves:
Listen, as your father, I can only offer guidance. Whether you decide to adopt what we put forth is up to you.

Nonetheless, you should know that the spiritual journey is unique for us all, so try to move unafraid, and be guided by love.

Lastly, don’t let this world or the standards of society determine your calling… leave that for God to define in your hearts.

Words to know

  • Alleviate

  • Honor

  • Drives

  • Uprightness

Love you guys,
pray & stay great.

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